You’ve Been Selected for Our New Pilot Program

My Friend, your journey is about to begin... a journey to the days where you will be experiencing the thrilling, wonderful piece of mind knowing you don't owe anyone a single red cent.

​Free Power Secrets will teach you everything you need to know, and do, to get there... You probably don't realize it (YET)… but you've just made a HUGE leap in becoming energy independent. This makes you different than 97% of the people… because you had the power to oversee what is important for you and for your family…. now… and in the future.

...and more importantly because you went ONE STEP FURTHER.

With ​Free Power Secrets the battle is half won... but if you've been in a desperate situation for long enough... you may find yourself a little frustrated and confused. I know I sure was!

One of the biggest request we get from true Patriots just like you who have already won the battle with Big Oil is "personal coaching" on one of the most important things you encounter in everyday life.

While Free Power Secrets covers all the necessary information on how to make your own dirt cheap, bio fuel​... These true patriots want help in gaining their independence from another brutal monopoly that's been controlling all of our lives.

​That is Natural Gas.

I knew there had to be a way for you to reap the benefits of true independence and self sufficiency you so desire and deserve. Because I really want to make sure that you reach the total independence you long for.

So I reached out to my friend Alex. Who's a guru with this sort of stuff. And what he told and then taught me is nothing short of amazing.

Now... I'm no chemist... And nor do I have natural gas well in my backyard​... Or so I thought.

Alex proved me wrong. His system got my gas cooker running on its own in a week... with no backbreaking work... from literally dead leaves and grass I would've thrown away​.

I realized each and every one of my trusted customers must have this... To break the chains from yet another greedy flock of bastard execs.

So I told Alex that I want to make this available. And he agreed on one condition. That I only give it to my most trustworthy customers. True patriots that really long for the 100% independence I was telling you about.

And here it is:


You'll be getting Alex and I's "in the trenches" experience helping true patriots, just like you.

  • Discover the easiest method to make your own natural gas for your gas cooker or central heating… On just 40 sq ft... Without an ounce of work... (SPOILER ALERT: You'll have a clean backyard and garden​ in the process too). Plus... Alex has compiled his best shortcuts to get results even faster, possibly cooking and heating your home autonomously by the end of the week. Basically,You'll have...

  • A clever system that will put homemade natural gas through your gas cooker nozzles in just a few days time... more than you could burn through in a month… (Time in which all of your friends will completely envy you!)… Just imagine the thrill of ​relaxing inside your home all day wearing nothing but your shorts and shirt during the dead of winter... while the gas meter has stopped dead in its tracks​.

  • An amazing system that instantly eliminates all of the ​hefty heating winter bills​... ​while not owing anyone a single red cent!

I Have A Special Offer... Just For YOU!

Because you decided to join the Free Power Secrets family... You're not going to pay the regular price of $197...


Again... my goal here is to help as many true patriots out there to experience the type of amazing, no-worries life I now have... and I don't want finances to stop anyone.

That's why, for this ONE TIME ONLY... You can get everything the "​Liberty Generator" Program offers for only $​15:

WARNING: If you decide to join later, you'll have to pay the full price of $197.

You Have Nothing To Lose!

As always this offer is fully guaranteed. Try it for 60 days. If it's not everything I say it is... then you can cancel your order and you will receive a full refund instantly.

Those 60 days could be the key... The key to completely turning things around for you and your family and getting that independence you deserve.

What are you waiting for?

ONLY $​15

I'm going to pass on this one time chance to get the "​Liberty Generator", even though I'm covered by the 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. I understand that I will never see this offer again, and if I do upgrade later, it will be for the full $97 retail price.

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